Saturday, July 11, 2009

Color Inspiration

On July 4 both sons were out of town and my husband spent the day in outdoor activities. I had nothing on the calendar, and, so, it was my own little "Independence Day". Decided to spend several hours dyeing roving, and completed four batches.

So how do I decide what colors to dye?
Reading magazines, I tear out and save images with color combinations that catch my eye. When it's dyeing day, I pull out the color inspiration folder and select color combinations for the day. These are just the starting point for dyeing project. I always try to add a bit of a surprise, or unexpected color, to each. Here are examples from July 4 dyeing:

Color inspiration: DNKY magazine ad

Color inspiration: Jayson Home & Garden magazine ad

Color inspiration: Di Alberta Ferretti magazine ad

Color inspiration: Liz Claiborne magazine ad

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