Sunday, June 21, 2009

Every Yarn Has a Story

Several bobbins of handspun full were full, waiting for me, ready to be plied and have the twist set. That was a project for this past week. As I worked on each skein, I looked back on where the fiber came from and the creative dyeing process. I imagined forward on what each yarn might want to become.

Close-up images of the yarns are almost organic, like furrows in fields.

These beautiful autumn tones are in wool from a colored fleece I purchased several years ago from a farm in Prior Lake, Minnesota. The fleece was divided into sections, with each being dyed a different fall color. The wool was then carded into spinner's web by Georgia at Quail Hill Carding. As I spun the fiber, I added in dyed mohair locks. The mohair is from Margaret Steffens, in my hometown of Waseca, Minnesota. Think of all the hands that had a part in this skein of yarn!

I love the heights and depths in this photo. They say, "grey is the new black". I could see this yarn in a warm scarf or hat and mitten set to wear with a grey wool coat. The fiber was purchased at the Natural Colored Wool Studio in Groton, South Dakota. I wanted a bit more color contrast in the finished yarn; so again, added in some of Margaret's mohair.

Cool colors, here- inspired by images of the sea so far away from this prairie, and favorite flowers like irises and lupines. The fiber is Falkland top that I dyed, such a dream to spin! It's plied with Crystal Palace Kid Merino.

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