Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plying Day

Bobbins are full.  Time to ply!

I used my first and favorite spinning wheel, the Majacraft Pollyanna. I've had this wheel well over 20 years, and it spins like a dream.  

The jumbo flyer and bobbin are great for big, no-knot skeins.

After plying, I wind the yarn into skeins on this antique winder, a gift from my mother.

This yarn is a soft camel blend from Dana Locken of Locken Bactrian Camels.  Yes, camels right here in South Dakota.

This blend is from Anna Anderson's Batt of the Month club on Etsy. Anna generously donates a portion of her sales to her children's 4-H club. I plied the blend with some Crystal Place Kid Merino- my favorite yarn for plying. The yarn makes me think of two of my favorite spring flowers: lilacs and pansies.

I dyed the Corriedale roving for this yarn. As I spun, I added in bits of hand-dyed mohair. The mohair is from Margaret Steffens, from my hometown of Waseca, MN. Margaret has done years of selective breeding to produce top quality mohair for hand spinning. I plied this bobbin with a brown Kid Merino to tone down the complementary colors a bit.

After plying, I set the twist in the yarn overnight.

The next day, a basket of hand spun yarn, ready for knit and crochet.

Bobbins are empty. Time to spin!

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