Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stranded Knit Tube Scarf

Call it Stranded Knitting.

Call it Fair Isle.

Whatever.  This month I've been immersed in that 2-color knitting technique, and I've loved it: so much fun to choose color and pattern.  

This latest project was inspired by several stranded-knit tube scarves on Ravelry.  I used colors in my worsted weight wool stash, and embarked on a search for knit chart ideas online and at our library.  

Invested in a wonderful book, 200 Fair Isle Motifs:  A Knitters Directory
by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

 Here's the finished scarf. 

The checked and striped ends provide options for "which side up".

I knit the scarf on 16-inch circular needles, US size 9.  
Cast on 60 stitches and away you go!

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