Friday, November 16, 2012

Colorful Crochet Headbands

I've been stitching away, getting ready for this weekend's Winterfest in Aberdeen.  It looks to be nice weather, and we've gotten great publicity in the local paper and radio.  I'm hoping for good sales!

A friend mentioned at some headbands with flowers might be good to include in the booth this year, and the idea took off!

One of my favorite crochet headband patterns is the Valentine Romance Headband by Tina Rodriguez of Rosedew Creations.  The pattern is free on Tina's blog, and also on Ravelry.  

The flower pattern I used is the Seven-Petal Traditional Rose from Suzann Thompson's Crochet Bouquet.

And the yarn:  I used up much of my stash of Nashua Handknits Julia yarn for the headbands.  

This lovely wool/alpaca/mohair yarn, from the Studio of Kristin Nicholas, was sadly discontinued by Westminster Fibers last year.  The good news is that it's now distributed by Classic Elite Yarns as Color by Kristen.

I so enjoy working with Kristin's color palette.

It was fun to select buttons to add a bit of whimsy to the headbands.

It's amazing how a passing suggestion from a friend can feed the imagination!

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