Monday, September 5, 2011

Plying Handspun

I loved this holiday weekend! The weather was beautiful: sunny daytime 70's and cool evening 50's. September is my favorite month in South Dakota. We stayed in Aberdeen, and I enjoyed being a domestic goddess: cooking, baking, and spending lots of time at the spinning wheel.

I'm taking two spinning classes at the upcoming North Country Fiber Fair in Watertown, SD, and had eight bobbins of handspun needing to be plied and emptied before class.

To maximize handspun yardage, and keep the full effects of striping, I usually ply my handspun with a mill spun yarn. It's fun to try different color combinations. Here are a few before and after pics from this weekend's projects:

Natural-colored Corriedale from Hoffman's Corriedale's of Rockham, South Dakota, plied with Sandnes Soft Mohair-

My hand-dyed Falkland top, plied with Crystal Palace Kid Merino-

More hand-dyed Falkland top, plied with Madil Kid Seta-

And yet more Falkland top, both skeins from the same dye lot, plied with two different yarns-

After plying all the yarn, I washed it and set the twist. Ten skeins of finished handpun yarn this weekend: what a great feeling of accomplishment!

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  1. Beautiful yarns, Betty! I like plying with commercial yarns as well.