Sunday, October 25, 2009

"B" is for Baktus

One of the blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis is, "The Nerd and the Needles" by Strikkelise, from Norway. Her Baktus scarf pattern has really caught on, with hundreds of photos of finished Baktus' (should I say, "Backti"?) on Flickr and Ravelry.

Not being the speediest knitter, I made the Baktus using a yarn over (drop stitch) on round 3.

The Baktus in these photos was knit on US size 11 needles, with 2 different colorways of Katia Jamaica, yarn held double throughout. I like the interesting neutral-colored stripes that resulted.

Once again, credit goes to sisters Heidi and Mari for the beautiful photos.

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