Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spinning with Tiny Tim

My two spinning wheels are both by Majacraft: the Pollyanna and the Tiny Tim. Both are discontinued models, but continue to serve me well with their compact size, next-to-nothing maintenance, and effortless spinning.

Here's the Tiny Tim. It folds over
and has a handle at the top for easy carrying.

Last night was a "finish-up" night for some spinning projects:
plying and setting the twist.
For plying, I use the jumbo plying bobbin and "Wild Flyer"on the left.

Here are the 5 skeins plied last night,
rinsed and weighed down with towels to set the twist.

The yarns are spun from hand-dyed Falkland top.
The two skeins on the left
are plied with variegated quilting thread,
the other three with Crystal Palace Kid Merino.

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  1. This looks like quite the process...and your colors are so rich.